Do You Speak English?


since 14/11/2022

It’s never too late to learn English! This is the motto we started from to promote our English course to our collaborators and their children. For sure some of you have recognised the reference to one of the most significant TV shows in Italy, the one that, in the Sixties, helped millions of people to get better in their own mother tongue. 

At that time for Italy, learning Italian well was the key to get out of the borders of local dialects. An operation that was necessary to move towards a well-coordinated development of our country. In a very similar way, today, English language is the key that empowers us to enter the international market. It’s a powerful tool which is often taken for granted when it comes to how our youngest people master it. 

If knowing English well it’s now more than ever decisive for a company, at the same time it is crucial that it is the company itself the one who takes care of the education of its own collaborators. This is why Idrosanitaria Bonomi is proud to have launched this English course at the end of this summer. A course whose classes are open also to the families of our employees and, most of all, to their children.