BONOMI is Idrosanitaria factory from 1908
and producing is our job.

Throughout a century of Italian and Brescian industrial history, we have taken part in and contributed to the evolution of sectors, markets, productive processes and organizational models. We commit daily to produce our goods.
Our product embodies the genetic code of our company.

BONOMI has been a HVAC Factory since 1908 and our profession is to produce.

Throughout a century of Brescian and Italian industrial history, we have participated and contributed to the evolution of sectors, markets, manufacturing processes and organizational models. 

Every day we work hard for our products: in our products we recognize the genetic code of our company.

What does "product" mean for BONOMI?

What does a "product" have to be in order to leave the factory with the BONOMI brand? 

These factors and values create the genetic map of BONOMI's product.


We were born in an industrial district that was able to gain a worldwide position. 

Craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit are essential parts of our way of being and working. 

Our tangible heritage is our machinery and factory, that has always been located in Lumezzane and in nearby Sarezzo. Our intangible heritage is our know-how, namely skills acquired and sharpened generation after generation. That enable us to look at the present and the future with the certainty of a consolidated knowledge.


Our profession is to design and manufacture products: valves, manifolds, fittings and filters for thermo-hydraulic industry and taps for interior architecture. 

We believe in research for quality development. We invest in technology to monitor production and environmental costs, in order to satisfy an increasingly broader public with safe, made in Italy, products. 

Design is our raw material when clients need customized products.


It is in the nature of our products and, therefore, a fundamental part of the way we work.
Thus, we take professional pleasure even before seeing the finished product.

A process implemented with precision creates reliable products over time.
We are like gears and we are aware that precision is the basis for our clients results.


Daily work teaches us that, in order to reach our goals, we need patience and determination, namely perseverance. Talent is only for those who don't give up. In this sense, we are persevering.


Agreement, alliance, networking, cooperation for a common goal. Partnership is a modern word that contains many meanings. Each of them is suitable to describe the relationships we'd like to establish with our collaborators, suppliers, designers and clients.


We believe growth and change inspire our existences. 

Continuous training is necessary to boost visions, to engage everyone in a path that connects all corporate levels, to improve day by day, to share knowledge, to learn from each other, keeping an open mind and wishing to fully realize our potential.


We don't have in mind an unrealistic ideal of sustainability: we are a factory, we must acknowledge that, in order to produce and meet the needs of the users of our products, we use our planet's resources, raw materials and energy. 

It's our duty to respect and honor these precious resources in our daily activities: therefore, we don't waste them, we implement sustainable production, waste and recycle processes, we design products that can satisfy our clients and encourage sustainable and virtuous choices. Sustainability for us is a vision that translates into daily conducts.