Research and innovation are constant values in BONOMI

Collaborative relationships with several technical universities, specialized in engineering and fine arts academies have become closer over the years.
In each item we manufacture there is technology.
That is the reason why we have established important collaborations to develop research and innovation.

Every year Idrosanitaria Bonomi takes another step towards new technologies.

Investments in hardware and in machinery but also in knowledge and, above all, in human relations and in sharing of cultural paths.
Partnerships with several engineering faculties and fine arts academies are renewed every year. They boost our ambition in research & development and they promote a corporate culture that is well-rooted in its socio-cultural context but open to the world.

INNOVATION is the perfect example of BONOMI's forward-looking approach.
Our main goals are studying and developing new items to better address the upcoming market challenges and to satisfy the needs of our most demanding clients.

Important achievements

Our R&D department has achieved many goals over the years, including:

  • study of alternative materials
  • study and development of new hydraulic / mechanical sealing systems with analysis and tests to prove their efficiency
  • construction of functional prototypes, also with new technologies such as rapid prototyping (3D printers), that enables to cut production times.