Out history

Our history starts in 1908 in Lumezzane, Northern Italy, a town set to become, in the following decades, an industrial district leader in the metal processing and thermo-hydraulic sector.
Bonomi started as a foundry and factory of brass products and it has remained a family business throughout generations, until today.

Thanks to the local technical tradition, to the commitment and dedication of the Bonomi family members, all contributing to our business activities, with their own specific role, Bonomi is, nowadays, a leading company specialized in designing and manufacturing hydraulic and plumbing systems and components for the distribution, regulation and interception of flammable fluids and gases.


The production for the industrial plumbing and heating sector started in the 1930s and it is now divided in six main lines that cover fully all the components necessary for modern and sophisticated air conditioning and heating systems: ball valves, components for plumbing and heating systems, bronze valves, valves for radiators, manifolds, multilayer fittings.

Idrosanitaria Bonomi is currently present in European and non-European markets, with about 70% of the total turnover generated by export sales.
Key factors of our growth:
Innovation and Human Capital.
Thanks to these two values we have been able to successfully face and manage the variable market rules and the continuous transformation of products, according to the client needs, including the most challenging and complex ones.

Important partnerships

The production of multilayer fittings started in 2002 and, during the years, we have developed important partnerships with leading manufacturers in other countries. This has led to several certifications for pipe-fitting systems with several international institutions such as Kiwa, CSBT, ATG and The Standard Institution of Israel.


The past gives us the sense of continuity and the value of a know-how acquired with perseverance and determination. 

Today, in the present, we plant the seeds of our future and the groove is dug in the awareness that quality is always the winning factor, with no compromises. 

Constant improvement of production processes, investments in research and development, high quality standards that are also aimed to the lowest environmental impact, are the goals and commitments that Bonomi is undertaking today and for the following years.


Opening of the Lumezzane plant in Monsuello street


Foundation of Bonomi Metalli


Purchase of INSA Spa


Purchase of MPB Spa


Moving to the new production site in Sarezzo


New logistics site