Brescia, the redemption (1945-1963) Between reconstruction and economic miracle


since 06/10/2022

There is also a bit of Idrosanitaria Bonomi at the exhibit “Brescia, the redemption (1945-1963). Between reconstruction and economic miracle”, which has been set up at Palazzo Martinengo. Among its design objects, previously unpublished photographs, posters and old-time magazines, a strong economic area stands out, with its peripheral territories to leave their mark. We find Bonomi family in the words of Guido Piovene, a journalist and writer who, in 1957, published a praise of these industrious lands in the province of Brescia:

“The strength of people from Brescia does not lie in the city of Brescia itself […] One has to look for it in its valleys, in Val Trompia and in Val Gobbia, in certain cores of large industrial families that here are nested, home and factory. [...] What is extraordinary here is the fact that metallurgy becomes rapture, a shared fixed thought.”

The exhibition is open, free entrance:

🔸 at Palazzo Martinengo, via dei Musei 30, Brescia

🔸 at weekends from 30/09 to 20/11, from 10:30

 to 12:30 & from 15:00 to 19:30.