Bonomi and Treedom pt. 2

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since 20/06/2022

As we announced, Idrosanitaria Bonomi has chosen to plant 200 young trees in Africa, thanks to the collaboration with the Treedom platform. The project we decided to adhere to doesn’t just take care of the environment, but also of the communities of the places in which it operates. Planting trees in Kenya will contribute to an environmentally sustainable development of local populations, in an area where the benefits coming from these new plants will have the power to make a real difference!

How? By integrating local crops with other kinds of plants, we allow the soil to improve its production capacity, sowing the seeds for a better yield of the crops. Moreover, all trees are planted directly by local communities and Treedom offers a specific training on how to manage fruit species, forest heritage and the most common diseases. The regular visits to the areas concerned by the project allow to develop personal relations with the farmers involved in the projects, experiencing first-hand the positive impact that comes from them.

Thanks to this, the project financed by Idrosanitaria Bonomi makes a tangible contribution to give new income opportunities to local communities, enriching the diet of farmers and their families also with some superfoods (like Moringa). Learning how to manage the trees, people are encouraged to develop a collaborative and community-oriented spirit, towards the fulfilment of common goals. The same spirit that, over time, will bring along also a new environmental awareness. Precious partnerships with social purpose organisations also assure reliability and transparency to the whole process.

The shared commitment lasts over the whole growth of the young plants! It’s a collective work that is often celebrated with a real, colourful and joyful ceremony when the plants are ready to be transplanted into the ground. There is really something magic, as strong as the creation of a bond that brings together nature and people, when the young plants are distributed to women and men who will take care of them. We are proud to contribute to all of this! 🤝